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    Iain Oughtred
Welcome To Oughtred Boats
Iain’s drawings are as beautiful as the boats they become, a joy to own and study in their own right; detailed and arced as the fine bones in a bird’s wing.

His generic clinker plywood instruction manual has a similar quality, as does his catalog. Learning materials, both of them.

I think Iain works from what Jung describes as 'archetypal memory', where form springs from subconscious recollection of the ancient, first boat builders, where form truly followed function, honed by the truth of the sea. Such shapes touch that memory in all of us.

Traditional Looking Modern Wooden Boats
Iain’s wee ships touch everyone.

No computers here, just the unseen guide, the pen and the moving hand.

Late at night, out in the workshop, builders of Iain’s boats have often admitted to feelings of invisible company, of being part of something much bigger; a strong sense that in the act of working with such beauty they too have become part of that great pantheon of boat builders.

Inspired, and with invisible friends.

Welcome to the community!


Latest News

The New catalog!  It’s here!
Several new designs and revised commentary on older favourites from Iain, in this latest catalog, available from BoatCraft Pacific and Boat Books stores around Australia and NZ.
82 large format pages, with drawings and text.
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