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What's New at Oughtred Boats

The New catalog!  
It’s here!

Several new designs and revised commentary on older favourites from Iain, in this latest catalog, available from BoatCraft Pacific and Boat Books stores around Australia and NZ.

82 large format pages, with drawings and text.

We frequently get asked why have some older designs been dropped?
Hers Iain’s recent explanation:

Woodfish.  This, and its lesser known mate, the 16’6” Galloway Faering are being kept aside for those clients with past experience of this type, and have the skills and are prepared to do the traditional planking.
Also, because these designs are intended for traditional building, they can be a worry if the planks split in areas of strong seasonal climate change.  The planks on these designs are up to 13” wide, so its also hard to get stock.

Mackerel and Blackfish have been superseded by Amberjack.

Pike has been replaced by much better Spike.

Roan Mohr Withdrawn, needing much more development.

Farne Islander  Much less popular boat, hardly enough demand to put in a catalog.  In addition concerns about capsizing and inability to self right.

Oughtred Kit News

On a cheerier note, lots of kits went out last week.  One Feather Pram to NSW, one Tammie Norrie also to Victoria, and one Shearwater also to Victoria.  These were all complete kits, all the solid timber, brass strip Bronze Screws, Bote Cote Epoxy products including EGlue and much more.

And two  more St Ayles Skiffs to add to the five either on the water, or in build in Victoria.  

The St Ayles Skiff kits always go into communities, to build community.  

These kits are no exception.  The women, men and children from Geelong's Catholic ‘Lifeboat’ community, some very supportive members of the Royal Geelong Yacht Club and the ‘Diversitat’ refugee and wider ethnic community were there in force to welcome the kits into the workshop space, generously provided by the Deakin University.  The site is almost on the foreshore, over looking the Yacht Club and Corio Bay.  The two communities are going to be building side by side, the idea from the outset is to bring people together.

Jim Barr, the pastor of the Welsh Uniting Church n Melbourne was there with their St Ayles Skiff, Cariad, and Ali and I had brought the South Australian St Ayles Skiff, John Liddy to be part of the on water welcome.

And what a welcome it was.  Over 50 new rowers took turns in experiencing the boats on the water for the whole of the afternoon, boats going out, boats coming in, swapping crews and going out again.  Most had never rowed before. 

Judging by the reaction, that is going to change!

Got a call last night from Stuart Dickson, from the yacht club, over 20 people were in the workshop and in an hour or so the kits parts were ID'ed and cataloged, and  the building jigs that come with the kits were all set up.

First night in the new workshop!  The women were there, but out of camera shot!!

Its off to a great start!

Corio Bay Communities - Skiff Rowers and Raiders
Will keep you in touch with the Geelong Skiff goings on!

Jim Barr coaching rowers aboard John Liddy.  I think they are telling him something.

Peter Doyle from Geelong, one of the generous spirited  drivers of the Corio Bay project, with new rowers in Cariad.


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Shoes were not wanted for the rowing...

...or the unloading...

...or the launching of the boats!



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