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About Oughtred Boats

Iain OughtredFor nearly thirty years Iain’s modern epoxy glued and coated plywood small boats have been enhancing the seascapes of the world, with over a hundred sailing in my country, Australia alone.

Iain oughtred has been a friend and collaborator for all of my professional boat making life.

Its been a privilege to work with him, and the friendship has had a steadying effect in the best of times, and a reassuring quality in the worst.




In recent years that friendship has been enhanced by the connection with our mutual friend, Alec Jordan, of Jordan Boats in the UK

Alec has played an important role in digitising a large number of Iain's designs for the purpose of making kits of all the plywood components of iain's boats, especially the planking, which takes time in scratch building, and can be a forbidding concept to many newer builders. As a result, Iains designs are now accessible to many who thought they never would be build such beautiful shapes, and for those confident builders, the access to kits leads to speedier building and very neat outcomes

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The New catalog!  It’s here!
Several new designs and revised commentary on older favourites from Iain, in this latest catalog, available from BoatCraft Pacific and Boat Books stores around Australia and NZ.
82 large format pages, with drawings and text.
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